You don't have to choose between a great life and a thriving business.  

You're only ONE SMALL SHIFT from all the success you've been looking for. So now is not the time to give up.

This mini book is full of the lessons I learned as I stepped into being a true CEO and created a business where I work less and make more. 

It’s time to stop hiding and become the lady boss you were meant to be. It all starts with thinking like a boss through these super simple shifts.

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Hi love - I'm Kate!

I'm a psychotherapist turned mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. Over the years, I've built two successful businesses -- online and offline. And what I've learned along the way I've put in this guide for you.

If you're building your business and feeling invisible or frustrated with a lack of momentum, this guide will give the major shifts I made to think like a boss and become one too.

In this guide, I share the mjor things that took me from 60 hour work weeks and hustling every day to working 20 hours a week and earning more money while I spend time with my two little girls. (And it won't be what you think!)

If you're ready to become a CEO -- this will help.

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